Essays published in:
“Guardia d’Onore”

  1.  Re Umberto II

  2.  La Regina Maria Josè

  3. I Cavalieri di Malta

  4. Per Cristo e per il Re:
    Deus Lo Vult


  5. Pentecoste al Pantheon

  6. Nodi d’Amore:
    l’Ordine del Collare o della SS Annunziata


  7. Areté: Alessandro Magno e      Vittorio Amedeo di Savoia


  1. Le Principesse votate a Dio:
    Maria, Caterina, Maria Clotilde Maria Cristina e Maria Clotilde di Savoia

  2. Jean de La Valette

  3. Genetliaco S.A.R. EmanueleFiliberto di Savoia
    Principe di Piemonte e di Venezia


  4. Re Umberto II Padre e Soldato

Essays published in:
“Counselling in learning as a lifelong process” and “Englishes”

1)    The Process of Learning

2Observations on Learning


4Counselling in Learning


6The Mental Hypertext

7The Counsellor and the Client

8Group dynamics

9Essay on Shakespeare

10) Essay on Shakespeare's Hamlet: Man's to be or not to be


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